5 Best Push Notification Plugins For WordPress Websites ➡


It is already known to all that WordPress is by far the biggest open source CMS platform. It is used by the majority of bloggers out there along with business owners and other people. From a single page website to a full-fledged Multisite, WordPress can do it all.

If you want your website or blog visitors to keep up with your newly published content, then a push notification is the best way to let your visitors know about the same. If you do not know what a push notification is already, A push notification is a kind of a popup that the bloggers and site owners like to use to grab the attention of their website visitors to let them know about the latest content that they have just published, or a reminder reminding the visitor to complete a purchase, or similar. Push notifications can be used and are to be proven effective in many such scenarios.

These pop ups are universally supported by multiple platforms such as Web Browsers, Android, and iOS as well. Moreover, you can track and check out detailed statistics regarding your visitors, even from the WordPress dashboard itself. Every passing day more and more webmasters are implementing this in their websites.

In this article today, we are going to feature out 5 of the most feature-packed push notification plugins out there for WordPress. These plugins are pretty effective for different kind of businesses and their blogs.


OneSignal is by far one of the most loved WordPress plugins out there for push notifications. With the help of OneSignal, you can easily send targeted push notifications to your visitors. The installation process is also pretty easy overall. OneSignal supports cross-platform installation too. Currently, it is used by 500,000+ developers with 90,000+ WordPress plugin installs. Again, one of its features includes the auto sending of push notification once you publish a new post.


Omni Kick or earlier Growth Funnel is yet another major player in the game. Omnikick is mainly up there for their well-known growth conversation and engagement tools. And, they do feature one of the best push notification services out there in the market along with naive WordPress support. It is very much scalable and one of the best choices out there for businesses.

You can easily send or target highly customized push notifications for a visitor on your website performing various tasks to trigger the popup. It is one of the best-paid choices out there.

Delite Studio

The Push Notifications plugin for WordPress by Delite Studio is another good choice for your Business Website or Blog. It can be easily installed in your WordPress based website or blog. Further, you can send a push notification automatically in real time when you publish a new post. You are not required to leave your WordPress dashboard to do the work. This plugin helps a lot to keep your site visitors engaged in your content more and more. Further, it does showcase a lite version and a premium version.

Push Monkey

Push Monkey is another WordPress plugin that you can use to send your website visitors a push notification. Using this plugin, you can send push notification directly to your visitor’s desktop or mobile with ease.

Push Monkey helps a lot to build engagement around your community of readers and it also comes with an easy setup process with no coding knowledge required. You can integrate the plugin with Woocommerce and as the authors say there is “no monkey business” within the process


PushCrew by Wingify Software Pvt. Ltd. is a free solution to your push notification problem. To quickly get started you just need to follow the simple process.

After installing the plugins you are required to paste your PushCrew ID to the plugin’s settings page ad it will automatically do the rest for you. The plugin works well on all platforms including Web and mobile. You can also get to check out a detailed statistical report in right on your PushCrew dashboard.

Final Words

We hope that this article has helped you in choosing the best Push Notification for your WordPress based website. All of the push notification plugins for WordPress that are mentioned above are tested and works well. Do let us know in the comments which one is your favourite.

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