Local Businesses websites: 53 Must-Have features


Every small local business has a website these days, even if that website means only some simple pages built with a basic site builder. Any small business must be present online as it’s well known that searches with local intent are leading to calls, store visits and sales in a very short period of time.

It’s easy to see that the framework for success with a local business website is related to simplicity. Essential information presented on the homepage, call options or email options – women tend to send emails, some content for rankings – a blog may be helpful, company images, testimonials and Videos and the website is done. Go beyond the idea that your website must have the coolest design – an ugly website with all the basics well-done won’t put off many customers.

Invest your time in the most important features.Our friends at WebAlive built a nice infographic about the features and key elements a local business website must have. Easy to read and understand, the infographic will pass you trough website architecture steps, UX and UI must-cover elements, some SEO advice and other features every website should have. Of course, everything is explained bellow the infographic on their page, I will leave here the things you should avoid:

Don’t use flash elements
There was a time when flash was very popular, but websites these days tend to avoid it due to the fact that it’s difficult to work with and doesn’t convert well to mobile devices.

Automatic music in the background
No one wants to hear background music that plays automatically after opening a page. Unless you want to annoy your user, avoid this.

Do not upload video on the web server
If you want to add some videos to your site, use video uploading platforms like YouTube or Vimeo and then embed the videos into your site. This is a much better option than uploading the video directly to your web server.

Moving slider
Avoid moving sliders that display a series of images (or other contents). Though many websites use this, sliders are generally annoying or distracting.

Dead-end pages
There should be no page in your site from where you can’t navigate to other pages. Pages like this are called dead-end pages and they tend to annoy visitors.


Be sure your websites covers all these features, check your website health with eRanker and start monitoring your local rankings – if local searches find you, then clients will find your business and you can boost your sales.



Sorin Diaconu

Sorin Diaconu, CMO of GeoRanker, is focused making a big impact in the digital marketing industry. Entrepreneurial spirit attached, areas of expertise include business development and data mining.



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