benefits of a apprenticeshipYou’ll get firsthand knowledge of the means by which the industry works, plus have the ability to see whether or not it is really what you would like to pursue as a career.

Learn while you earn
Apprenticeships allow you to start working and earn a decent wage while you learn key skills and gain the qualifications that future companies need. You’ll probably start out on the National Minimum Wage or another standard rate of pay for apprenticeships in your own industry. But, as your skills progress, your employer may up your paycheque as well. This helps out your bank account, but gives you an extra incentive to do well in your apprenticeship.

Paid holidays
You’ll be treated like a regular employee of the company in that you will get a certain amount of paid vacation per year along with bank holidays, while on your apprenticeship. Your entitlement may change depending on your employment and training agreement, but by law you are entitled to at least 20 days. You can also be able to take some time off for study leave along with your usual paid leave, but this is up to your employer and depends on the kind of occupation you’ve got.

Among the biggest advantages of getting the qualifications you have to have in your area, while having the ability to put the skills you learn into practise in the same time, is that someone will always be on-hand to demonstrate how things are done. In case you have some questions regarding techniques, terminology or anything related to the industry, you can immediately ask your manager. Asking questions, taking on more responsibility and attempting new things will allow you to get improved in your apprenticeship

Good career prospects
Your apprenticeship will soon be very rewarding, even if at times it may look demanding. You’ll have a universe of alternatives open to you after you have finished your apprenticeship. You might be able to carry on working in the same place, or search for a similar job in an alternative business. Having industry experience is extremely important when getting your first job, so having the ability to show that you simply have got that plus qualifications will provide you with an enormous advantage over other applicants.

Also, your apprenticeship may have showed you other interests which you never knew you had, so consider going to uni or getting another qualification. Or, take some time out to consider your next measure, and look into taking a gap year – you can surely work abroad, volunteer or just traveling.

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