Kicking off your career with an apprenticeship is a fantastic strategy to progress in the area you want to work in.

benefits of a apprenticeshipYou’ll get firsthand knowledge of the means by which the industry works, plus have the ability to see whether or not it is really what you intend to pursue as a career. There are a lot of other reasons why you ought to apply for one when you leave school or college, also it’s almost always advisable to speak to a teacher or careers advisor about the most effective route into your dream occupation, but here are some points to get you into checking out the opportunities available where you live:

Learn while you make money
Apprenticeships enable you to start working and earn a decent wage while you learn vital skills and gain the qualifications that future companies want. But, as your skills progress, your company may up your paycheque. This not only helps out your bank account, but gives you an extra incentive to succeed in your apprenticeship.

Paid holidays
While on your apprenticeship, you will be treated like a regular employee of the business in that you will get a specific amount of paid holiday each year in addition to bank holidays. Your entitlement may change depending on your own employment and training arrangement, but by law you are eligible to at least 20 days. You may also be able to take some time off for study leave in addition to your paid leave that is usual, but this is up to your company and depends on the type of job you’ve got.

One of the biggest advantages of getting the qualifications you need in your field, while having the capability to set the skills you learn into practise at precisely the same time, is that someone will always be on-hand to demonstrate how things are done. You can instantly ask your manager should you have some questions about terminology, techniques or anything related to the business.

Great career prospects
Your apprenticeship will likely be quite rewarding, even if at times it might appear demanding. After you have completed your apprenticeship, you’ll have a universe of alternatives open to you personally. Maybe you are able to carry on working in the exact same area, or search for a similar job in a company that is different. Having industry experience is essential when getting your first job, so having the capability to show that you’ve got that plus qualifications will offer you a huge edge over other applicants.

Also, your apprenticeship may have revealed you other interests that you never knew you had, so think about going to uni or getting another qualification.

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