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Just saw this come in from Mathew Barby. Absolutely love and respect his work and thought you folks may like this. 

It is quite clever actually.


Facebook is an important channel for a lot of businesses to reach their customers. Maybe you’re one of those businesses?

Alongside it being a great channel to reach potential customers, it’s equally great at wasting a lot of your marketing budget.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a big fan of Facebook’s ad platform, but I also know (from first-hand experience) that there’s a lot of ways that you can go in and blow thousands of dollars in a matter of hours. One example of this comes with paying for Facebook likes.

Just to be clear, I’m talking about legitimately paying to promote your page through Facebook’s ad platform with the goal of earning more followers.

What Should You Do?

If you’re looking to grow your Facebook page following and paid is a route you’re considering, I have a better option for you…

Instead of directly advertising your page for new likes – and paying a premium in the process – focus on pushing paid budget to promote some content that you’ve shared via a Facebook post.

Set up the targeting of the ads to exclude your current Facebook following, and if you have any custom audiences set up, in particular around website visitors, then make sure you add those in. You’ll usually get a much cheaper CPC on audiences like that.

Run the ads with the goal of getting engagement on your post. You’ll pay a fraction of the price to get someone to ‘like’ your Facebook post vs follow your page (a lot of the time this is between 10x and 20x cheaper).

Once you have a few people engaging with your Facebook post, click to see the list of people that have liked/reacted to the post. You’ll see a little ‘Invite’ button next to anyone that has reacted to the post but doesn’t actually follow your page.

Simply click this button and the individual will get a notification from your Facebook page to go and follow the page. What’s more, you don’t pay any extra for this.

Timing is key here so try to invite the user to like your page as close to the time that they engaged with your post. You’ll not only capture a bunch of page likes, but you’ll be generating a bunch of traffic to the content that you’ve promoted, as opposed to paying huge prices per page like without the extra traffic benefits.

It’s a really simple, but much more cost-effective way to focus paid budget on growing a Facebook following. It also does a much better job of focusing on people that actually engage with your content.

Hope this helps 🙂



This is a forward message from the genius mareteer Mathew Barby.

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