Common WordPress Errors


WordPress offers you plenty of benefits when you use it, however, it produces errors that limit its wonderful experience.

Are you worried about the errors displaying on your site?

If so, you should know that the error on your website has probably been reported and resolved by others.

WordPress produces a lot of errors and the list below contains the common WordPress errors.

So, before you proceed, to knowing the common WordPress errors and their fixes, backup your site.


Internal Server Error

This type of error displays on your site to indicate something wrong.

Sometimes it appears as ‘500 internal Server Error’, so, whichever the case, it means the same thing.

When this error appears, it means that there is something wrong and the server finds it difficult to point its origin.

Due to that, you are responsible for figuring out how to go about it.

Therefore, you can try the following solutions, one at a time.

  • Check if your .htaccess file is corrupt
  • Try to Increase the PHP Memory Limit
  • Deactivate all the plugins installed on your site.
  • Freshly upload your site’s core files
  • Last but not least, contact your hosting provider


The Site is experiencing technical difficulties.

This type of error comes as a result of any error in our list.

WordPress developers put in place a fatal error protection feature as from WordPress version 5.2.

So, WordPress now sends an email notification to your admin dashboard using your admin email address.

The email comes with a link which aids in accessing the backend so that you can attempt and fix the error.

However, the process of fixing becomes harder when you don’t have access to your admin email or not able to receive WordPress emails.


Syntax Error

This kind of error occurs as a result of added code snippets into WordPress, an accidentally missed something needed or even an incorrect syntax.

Lucky enough, the error indicates the code or problem and the location as well.

Due to that, you can correct the syntax, don’t be shocked because, mostly, a missing bracket can trigger this error.

Sometimes an unexpected character may cause this error, therefore, edit the code and use the right characters.


Error establishing a database connection

When you encounter such an error, you should know that your website is unable to link with the database.

However, the process of solving such an error seems tricky for beginners.

What causes this error, right?

Normally, this error occurs when you enter or modify your database login credentials.

Sometimes, an unresponsive database may trigger this error.

In addition to that, a corrupt database can trigger the error.

So, use the right credentials to access your database or repair your WordPress database.

You can also check with if the database server is down or update WordPress site URL.

Lastly, reboot the webserver or even contact your hosting company.


404 page not found error

When this error occurs, users still browse on the other sections such as the admin area.

However, they cannot browse through a single post.

Mostly, the permalink settings in WordPress causes this kind of error.

Therefore, to solve this kind of problem you need to reconfigure the permalink settings.

Additionally, you can manually update the rewrite rules, for instance, updating your .htaccess file.


White Screen of death

This error may affect one or certain sections of the site.

This type of error displays no error message hence making it very hard to know its origin.

Sometimes, incorrect server configurations may trigger this error.

However, in most cases, it happens due to a script exhausting the PHP memory limit.

Therefore, solving this error needs you to extend or increase the PHP memory limit and check for server configurations.


WordPress Memory Exhausted Error

WordPress core actually uses PHP as the server-side programming language.

Just like your computer needs memory to function properly, the same applies to webservers.

Therefore, this site also needs memory just like any other site.

So, when you encounter this error, it means that your WordPress code needs more memory than the allocated default value.

How do you fix this type of error, right?

Simply, open, edit and define the memory limit in your ‘wp-config.php’ file located under your WordPress site’s root folder.


‘’Are you sure you want to do this?’’ error

This kind of error usually occurs in your admin area, however, that should not worry you.

Mostly, this error arises due to failures in the proper use of Nonce.

In other words, the error occurs if your plugins or themes fail to properly use Nonce (Special security keys).

Therefore, you need to investigate your themes or plugins to fix the error.


Briefly Unavailable for Scheduled Maintenance in WordPress

This error shows on your screen as a result of unfinished or interrupted WordPress Update.

When this error occurs, it entirely locks your site hence making the site unavailable for both admins and visitors.

Since this error comes as a result of slow server response or low memory issues, upgrading to higher hosting plans can be a great fix.

However, you can delete the ‘’. maintenance’’ file in your site’s root directory using FTP.

Sometimes, you may not find the ‘’. maintenance’’ file, therefore, always check for hidden files.


WordPress RSS Feed Errors

RSS Feeds enable your site’s visitors to subscribe to your blog.

Mostly, this kind of error occurs due to poor formatting and the error message may vary depending on your Browser.

That said, even a blank space in your closing PHP tag can trigger the error.

In other words, you can solve this error by writing correct PHP code or check your plugins or themes ‘’functions.php’’ file.

Also, you can disable RSS Feed related plugins and if that doesn’t work as well, temporarily switch to the default theme.


403 Forbidden error

This type of error normally occurs due to lack of permissions granted by your server.

When your server restricts your access, you don’t get access to specific pages.

However, you may encounter such an error due to other factors.

For instance, poor coded security plugins, server configurations and incorrect file permissions can trigger this error.

How do you go about it, right?

Actually, you need to disable your plugins, repair corrupted ‘’.htaccess’’ file or even contact your hosting company for correct file permissions.

‘’The page isn’t redirecting properly’’ error

This type of error normally occurs as a result of misconfigured redirections problems.

Since WordPress features SEO friendly URL structures for redirect functions, other WordPress plugins follow the trend.

Therefore, any misconfigured redirect tool causes this type of error.

In other words, your site may redirect users to a URL which redirects them back to the original URL.

So, what does that mean?

Actually, when that happens, your visitors’ browser gets trapped between two webpages hence resulting into a redirect loop.

To resolve this issue, simply change your WordPress Address and website address.

For instance, add or remove the www prefix on your addresses.

In other words, if your addresses contain the www prefix, remove it, if not, add the prefix, then save changes.

Also, you can define the changes in ‘’wp-config.php’’ file or even try deactivating all plugins and install fresh copies as you counter check for the error.


502 Bad Gateway error

This kind of error usually appears when a user sends the server a request but it takes lots of time to get the feedback.

Also, the error occurs due to poor server misconfigurations and poorly coded themes or plugins.

However, glitches resulting from high traffic trigger this error.

Therefore, to fix this problem, you need to reload your browser, and if it doesn’t work, clear your browser’s cache.

Try to disable the Firewalls or CDN, update your site’s themes and plugins, or contact your hosting provider.


WordPress produces many errors; however, the list above contains some of the most common errors.

Most of the errors described above occur due to similar causes, however, they slightly vary.

Therefore, you need to actually know what type of error appears on your end for proper fixes.


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