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We only host WordPress sites

We believe that being an expert in something is far better than being a jack of all trades. We’re huge fans of WordPress, and we’ve made it a point to know it inside and out. We take pride in being able to help with a wide range of issues – something traditional hosts can’t do.


 We’ve combined our knowledge of hosting tens of thousands of WordPress sites — from small to large — to make sure we configure each site to its optimal state. No need to read through forums to find out how to fix that esoteric Apache error. We’re on it.


 An off-the-shelf caching configuration will take your site only so far. our Varnish caching engine is custom configured for the needs of WordPress sites, right down to cookies, wp-admin, and plugin issues. With that kind of attention, your site’s speed is going to the next level.


 Our team of WordPress experts is ready to help with pretty much anything. Our focus on WordPress means we’ll go a lot deeper than your typical hosting company, because we can help with everything from “My server is down” to “Can you recommend a plugin that does xyz?”

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Get blazing speed around the world

Crazy fast load times, zero configuring
Let us help you achieve world-class performance on every site. When you create a fresh new site with, you can be confident that robust caching comes as a standard. You’ll get top performance out of even the highest traffic sites. Not enough? Want more? Add a Content Delivery Network (CDN) and watch your site fly

You may have relied on plugins in the past to squeeze performance out of your site. Our server-side caching takes care of all that. No more tinkering with caching plugins to try to speed up your sites.

Performance tuning isn’t what you should be focusing on. You’ve got other things to do. That’s why we do free performance assessments on your site’s code and setup. Our support team (who are all quite smart when it comes to WordPress) can make recommendations on how your site can achieve its absolute top speed.

Expecting a massive influx of traffic? Breathe easy. Our caching technology can handle millions of visitors without flinching. Whether you’re on the Tiny plan or an Enterprise plan, Flywheel’s platform can handle it.


We’ve partnered with MaxCDN, a leading provider of Content Delivery Network services to sites small and large. Its worldwide network and advanced technologies mean that your content is always available and always performing at its best — no matter where you’re at on the planet.


If you or your visitors are on the other side of the world, we’re still right here for you. Or rather, we’re right there. With the Flywheel CDN add-on, your visitors will receive images and static files from the server that’s physically closest to them. That proximity ensures their experience with your site is so fast it’s practically smoking..

Have an e-commerce site?

We have caching specifically for you. Ecommerce sites can be tricky to cache — they’re highly dynamic and often require custom configurations. Never fear. Our support team can work with you to make sure that your ecommerce site is fully cached. Your users can continue to easily and quickly make purchases, which is what everyone wants.

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Rest easy with nightly backups

Full site backups, one click restoration points

Sites backed up every night
Catastrophe may never befall any of your sites (every developer just laughed), but at the very least you might want to roll back at some point. Our backups run every night, are stored for 30 days, and you can restore at any time.

No more backup plugins

Backup plugins are notoriously complicated and finicky and are always a drain on site speed. We take backups at the server-level, so you don’t have to futz around with clunky backup plugins.

One click restoration points
Make changes with confidence knowing you’ve got the ability to restore your site at any point. Flywheel’s one-click restores will get you back on track if you need it.

Take a snapshot at any time
Installing a plugin? Updating your theme? Don’t wait on our nightly backups. Take a snapshot and know that if things go haywire, you can revert back to that moment. You can even give your snapshot a name, so you can find it quickly when you’re ready to restore.

Backup storage offsite with Amazon S3

If your data isn’t stored offsite, you’re still at risk if anything were to happen to those files. We store all backups in the Amazon S3 cloud for maximum security and reliability. This way they’re physically separate from your site, and you can retrieve whatever you need at any point.

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