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Great tips!!! I’ve been doing something similar and it’s really helping ?

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found this helpful! Figured I would pass along

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it’s a 237 JOB!

this is really good to know x

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Great tips! So many people don’t take the time to engage with other accounts before they post, but it makes a huge difference!

Thank you so helpful ??⚡️

Thank you so much, this would do wonders for my business?


Thanks so much! What do you think about doing these things immediately after posting vs before?

I always engage 20 minutes before I post!

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Thanks for the info!! Finding it hard to get engagement on my (not all that exciting) page, so hopefully this helps!! ?♥️
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these are super helpful! i get tons of story views but don’t post to my actual feed frequently… thanks for these!
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Truisms of Instagram! Are you doing a lot of Reels?
This is what we all need to hear right now!
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Yess thanks for this right hea ?
So helpful. And this whole algorithm thing is just silly. Thanks fir helping us cut through the clutter
Super useful tips! Expanding our knowledge for 2021 ??
It’s a method to tha maddness
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Was literally just discussing all of these tips with a client! Such small things that can have a major boost ✨

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I didn’t know most of that. Thanks for sharing! Super helpful. ☺️
Yes, that’s the right way to do increase your views on the stories and on the post which you put on social media websites.
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I will use all these tips. Thanks?
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 Congratulations! This post is reaching a lot of people because of its substance. ?
For the longest time, I’ve been afraid of being able to grow my brand. So I decided, 2021 will be my year. So thanks for this! It will help me a lot.
You’re awesome! ?
Great post! Some very helpful tips, it is also suggested that you should engage with other post 15 minutes before and 15 minutes after you post!
Do you have any tips to grow an IG account? I really need some tips for this one ?

Yessss those are perfect ?

These words are all-powerful when it comes to marketing ?. What’s your best word?

Always looking to improve my copy, thanks for sharing!

“YOU” and the way?. It can move mountains??

thanks for the tip!! this is great!!??

Nice tips bro?????

You is what drives everyone the most! They are here for themselves ?❤️

Gonna try this???

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Damn true?

These words BIIIIG, These words heavyweights !!!!

These are so much strong words that can change the people mind also. You need to use it in the headline and for sure you will see such an amazing results. ?❤️

Great work?

Hearing Free,Free,Free everywhere getting bored of this word?. I feel it lost its meaning especially in the world of marketing?
Yeah, you are right great post.
Strongest also. Coz that is what got ke read this post


Who doesn’t want to hear these words ??
I 100% agree! They might seem like little words, but they are exactly the ones that drive sales in the first place! Thanks for sharing thuis?
thanks for the insight!
Why these words?
They always love free things
absolutely !
Marketing is all about words. The more attention you give to your words, the more money you make. These are some amazing marketing words! Loved it

Thank you for this advice!

Risk free to reduce/remove doubts

great post! YOU is such a powerful word ⭐️⭐️

Great advice! Tell the people what they want to hear!

Great list of useful strong words in marketing that give great results. Thanks fos sharing! ?

When it comes to marketing, there’s more than meets the eye.?

Love it ???

These words honestly change engagement with your content! Great tips


Yea? these r strong words in marketing
These are great!

Underrated post ?This is such great insight honestly (from someone who does content experiments all the time haha)

By using “you”, it makes the potential customer feel like they’re appreciated ?

This is great

Limited is soooo strong 🙂

Thank you for this list ?

These are powerful words to use in marketing. All of these words catch my attention
“You” are very strong that can be move mountains??
Agreed! Wonder if these will ever change/shift as culture is continually changing?
They seems to be small words but they are the powerful ones ?
we should definately try to use these

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You provide some seriously good content ? keep it up, All the best ??

Keep up the good work ? Mindset is the key! Happy New Year! ✨??


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Awesome I love to learn from fellow professionals
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Educating clients on terminology isn’t always easy, so having a sheet like this to show them definitely helps.
Great animations! ?
Informative ?
Perfection ?
Useful Details ?

Great way to explain stuff ??

Learning so much important tips from you

Helpful Thanks!
Great info Ran, well explained for such beginner as me ?
Wow this is a very good way of explaining the terminology ???. Thank you so much ???
Great Presentation ❤️
?liked it, give us more ???
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Great information! Whether you’re beginning or have years of experience, it’s a great habit to review the vocabulary.

Appreciate the tips – and love the colours you use ?
Explained very well??
Love it ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Great Post again!
Thank you for these @shanghoshal! Do you also teach these in your Masterclass course?
Awesome ??
Love your posts and case studies, just shared this post on our Thursday inspiration Story. Nice to meet you Ran ☺️
Superb!! awaiting for your next awesome piece on this.
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Really great
A lot of value in there! Thanks!! ??
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My saved for later is all lol. Also good news just landed my first client!
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Do visit our page and have a look at our posts!

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This is fantastic advice and presented very well! Thanks for sharing!

??? you are so funny!


Well said!

Where can i find background like the one you are using?

? agree. Catchy Headlines grab more attention towards the content.

Vagueness is the enemy! This is so true ???

This is explained in a very great manner

❤️Good one 

thanks for giving us the knowledge. ???

absolutely! I witness this first-hand every time I write a copy for a client. ❤️

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Have been following you for weeks now.

My site has gone up after taking your suggestions, thank you!

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