10 useful Instagram marketing tips to attract new customers and followers


Recently, Instagram has started to play an important role in the field of online marketing. The number of active users per month for Instagram has risen over one billion users. If you really want to do digital marketing and sell your products online, you must use Instagram for it. Here this article comes to give you some important ideas and tips to attract customers.

instagram marketing

1. Good understanding of followers’ mindset and design of the page according to their requirements

An understanding of how followers think should be the most important focus for those who work in the field of marketing on Instagram or other social media platforms. Instagram makes it easy for you with simple and accurate information that you can put in your Instagram account description.

2. Track the pages of competitors and look at their fans’ interests

Identifying a competitor is a standard model in commerce and marketing but it is very important. You should follow their Instagram pages to take advantage of their methods and how they attract the attention of users, which will help you know your strengths and strengthen them, and your weaknesses to strengthen them and avoid mistakes in the coming times.

3. Marketing on Instagram: prime time

Small things can make a big difference, a saying that applies perfectly to peak-time publishing. Once you have identified the target segment and where you live, you should publish at a time when most of them are online to ensure that the ad reaches them at a time when they will be able to see it and possibly buy the product you want to sell, Instagram provides a great scheduling tool that allows you to design and write your publication at a given time, and schedule it to be automatically published at another time you specify.

 4. The opinion of customers and user engagement

When buying a particular product everyone will go to the product with the largest number of followers on Instagram, a particular product that has the most likes and comments is of course the most successful product, so you should also encourage your customers to take pictures with your product and use special hashtag you provide them with, all this will increase confidence in the product and thus will increase sales significantly.

5. Maintain the same speech tone in all promotional posts

It is very important to maintain same speech tone in all promotional posts as it shows professionalism in the way you advertise your products, which will allow customers to understand you and trust you, because the discrepancy can lead to loss of confidence in the products offered by your company, and may lead to the downfall of your entire company.

6. Marketing on Instagram: Working with popular accounts

Instagram has become one of the most popular social media platforms, and each actor, football player and celebrity has a verified account, celebrities post ads on their pages for money, and major advertisers work with celebrities who have millions of followers, who can influence their followers and the community at large. Collaborating with them is often helpful.

7. Understand the market’s needs and adapting accordingly

Adaptation to the market is one of the most important requirements for Instagram marketing. We must look around and keep up with the market needs and what our customers/followers are asking for. Also, you should know what the market will look like in the near future, and avoid repeated ads at all times.

8. Don’t rush to advertise your product, be patient

Instagram is the world’s first photo-sharing platform. Most of the ads use images, so you should review the quality of the photos you take for your product so that they give a good impression to the audience. At the same time, the image should be realistic to indicate the product without deceiving the customer. It can take a long time to figure out how to make images that popular people talk about.

9. Marketing on Instagram: Keep track of new trends

There is a trend always going on the Internet, so you should as an advertiser always use this in your ads to achieve more followers of your page, and this point applies to online marketing in general and not exclusive to marketing on Instagram.

10. Put all focus towards the first ad when launching a new product

This is one of the most important marketing tips, useful when you launch a new service or product, you must inform everyone in a huge way to attract the attention of the highest number of users. These campaigns last from one to two weeks and you can limit the number of pieces of products that are available, to show the possibility of running out of stock. This will prompt interest in the buyer to buy the product as quickly as possible.

instagram marketing

These were some useful tips that every business should pay attention to while doing online promotion on Instagram or any other similar platform.

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